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To support vulnerable people achieve a healthier and better socio-economic status and to remain united to inspire others.

AFHI SWOT Analysis

1. Strength

The following aspect were identified & confirmed by the board of Directors

  • AFHI-Uganda is an established institution with governance & administrative structure, procedures & office.
  • Technical expertise.
  • Ongoing programs
  • Core values.
  • Well established internal policies and procedures such as financial and human resource manuals, HIV work place policies, Monitoring and evaluation frame work, volunteer policy and child protection policy.

3. Opportunities

  • Existence of civil society organizations for partnership and collaborations.
  • Existing government support to community programs such as Community Development Driven Fund (CDD) and youth livelihoods programme.
  • Existing capacity building programs by government and Civil Society organizations geared at improving human resource capacity.
  • Existence of social networks such as twitter, face book and Google groups for information sharing.

2. Weaknesses

  • Inadequate financial and capital base to meet current operations.
  • Lack of exposure to better skills for quality service delivery.
  • Sustaining a more reputable name for AFHI-Uganda.
  • Over stretched staff due to limited financial resources.
  • Lack of clear partnerships and collaborations created.

4. Threats

  • Change in Donor / government priorities for funding.
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