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To support vulnerable people achieve a healthier and better socio-economic status and to remain united to inspire others.

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Welcome to AFHI Uganda
We Help Children.

We are a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that serves to support women, orphans and other vulnerable children including the youth. These categories are considered vulnerable because of their state of being or likely to be in a risky situation, where a person is likely to suffer significant physical, emotional or mental harm that may result in their human rights not being fulfilled.


support women, orphans and other vulnerable children including  the youth.   

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Our Programs

Environment Protection

Uganda derives over 90% of its energy needs from biomass – mainly firewood and charcoal. An estimated forest surface of 115 football fields is used for cooking every day. Biomass resources are constantly reducing because people are not replenishing the cut down trees.

Education Support

Access to quality education for all is a fundamental right for children globally. We all believe that knowledge is power and education is a key to success. When you educate a child you educate the nation and education is a road map that children use to fulfill their potential in life.


Livelihoods & Development

Lack of practical employable skills is the root cause for increased unemployment and poverty among vulnerable women and youth in Uganda. This increases their level of vulnerability to exploitation, Gender and sexual violence, drug abuse and prostitution and HIV/ADS infections.


Our Events

COVID 19 Pandemic Awareness

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. We are organising awareness for the pandemic. This in part can be archived by creating awareness on behavioral change...

Sexual Reproductive Health

We acknowledge government and NGOs contribution to increase access to SRHS, however due to the stigma attached to these services, poor altitude of service providers and limited financial support, majority of young people and women in informal and hard to reach settlements still finds it hard to access these services

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